About TEACH Prep Elementary



TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris Elementary School ("TEACH Prep Elementary") will serve grades TK-1 for the 2020-2021 school year and grow a grade level each school year after that until Grade 5 is achieved.



Instruction begins at 8:00AM 


About TEACH Prep Elementary School

TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris Elementary School (TEACH Prep ES) is the third school operated by TEACH Public Schools, Inc. in the Westmont/Gramercy Park community served by TEACH Academy of Technologies (grades 5-8) and TEACH Tech Charter High School (collectively, TEACH Public Schools or TEACH). TEACH Public Schools was founded by longtime Los Angeles educators Mildred Cunningham and Edith Morris, after whom our new elementary school will be named. TEACH was established with a vision of addressing the needs of the whole child, building children’s character, and integrating state-of-the-art technology in instruction. Staff focus on forging deep, lasting connections with their students.
TEACH Public Schools’ mission is to create a high quality, innovative teaching and learning environment that focuses on literacy, integrating state-of-the-art technologies across the core curriculum to achieve academic proficiency for all students. Our vision to reach students of all backgrounds by teaching the entire child, which includes the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the student. Upon graduation, the knowledge and the experiences acquired at our schools will be effectively applied to their daily life. TEACH Public Schools are innovative, dynamic, creative, and educationally enriching institutions of positive-driven learning. We believe that all children can learn when taught well and given an opportunity to thrive. We adhere to the thinking of philosopher G. Givhan, “What you pay attention to grows.” By looking consistently at our students and the data of our practices, our teachers and students grow in their development and to great successes in the 21st century.